FREE At-Home Trial of Eyeglasses Frames!

Ooh, y’all!  My friend just told me about this one and I signed up lickety split!  Warby Parker is an online retailer of eyeglasses  and because they don’t have the overhead of many brick and mortar stores, they can keep the costs of their glasses low!  And, the best part is that you can select up to five frames to try at home for FREE!  Click here  to head to their site for more information and to pick five frames (regular lenses and sun glasses!) which they will send them to you in the mail.  FREE shipping and FREE returns!

FREE Transitions Trial Decals!

Maybe you’ve seen the commercials for Transitions lenses, the eyeglasses that darken in the bright light to automatically become sunglasses.  Or maybe you’ve seen them on a friend or a family member.  Have you wondered if it’s something you might want?  Well, wonder no more.  Try them out!  Click here to be taken to the free trial section of Transitions’ webpage.  Fill out some pertinent information and send away for a set of trial decals to stick right to your existing lenses.  And don’t worry about taking them off, it’s mess free!