FREE Australian Lamb Recipe Book!

Attention all lamb lovers!  (Those who love to eat lamb, that is!)  Australian Lamb has put together a recipe book to make the best of your dinner!

From their site:

From Brazilian Style Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Chimichurri Sauce to Aussie Lamb, Mushroom and Beer Pot Pies, you’ll see why lamb is a global staple. Australian Lamb is pasture raised, resulting in a lean product with a delicious mild flavor. No hormones or additives are used in Australian lamb production.

If they raise ’em right, they probably cook ’em up right, too.  Click here and fill out the short form you see there.  Read the directions and fine print as usual!



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You know, membership does come with its perks.  And I don’t know about you, but home baked, hot out of the oven perks are the my favorite!  By signing up for the Pillsbury newsletter, you’ll get perks like recipes, holiday ideas, up to $250 in savings with coupons, and FREE samples!  Click here, fill out the form to join, and then read all about your flaky, buttery perks!



FREE Kid-Friendly Cookbook!

One of the simplest but truest joys I’ve experiences since becoming a mother is spending time in the kitchen with my son.  Even better is when my mother is there, too.  There’s just something special about cooking and passing down family recipes.  With this FREE Gooseberry Patch cookbook, you’ll find lots of kid-friendly recipes that your children with enjoy eating and making together! Click here to download immediately or to send away for a hard copy.