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The kids are finally back to school and that means PHEW!  You got through the holidays and now you’ve got a nice long time before Spring Break when they’ll be home again and you’ll have to fill their days once more.  Well, let Family Fun help you out in that endeavor.  Click here and fill out the form to receive ten FREE issues of the magazine.  Lots of ideas and hey, we can all use all the help we can get, right?


FREE Subscription to Family Fun Magazine!

Since I became a mother two and half years ago, there have been a thousand hidden challenges I couldn’t have predicted.  One of the ones I’m struggling with these days is coming up with age appropriate fun things to do and see.  You too?  Well, maybe Family Fun magazine is just what we both need.  Click here and fill out the form for a FREE subscription.


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Boy, was I taken back about 20 years when I saw this freebie.  Seventeen magazine, y’all.  My Seventeen magazine days were filled with Scott Wolf and Jason Priestly and Antonio Sabato, Jr.  And I loved them all.  I may not recognize the boys anymore and I may not be able to follow the lingo anymore, but I’m pretty sure that’s exactly the point.  It’s not Thirty Seven magazine, after all. Click here for a FREE subscription!


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I have a love hate relationship with magazines.  I love them so much.  I love that I can blindly flip through the pages looking at pictures or I can lose myself in the articles depending on my mood and what kind of magazine I’m reading.  But man, do they pile up.  I get environmental guilt sometimes.  I’m down to just two subscription magazines, and it’s hardest to resist when they are FREE!  Well, here’s some temptation for you folks… a FREE subscription to Ebony Magazine!  Just click here and fill out the form.


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Is your kid a blockhead like mine?  My boy only has eyes for blocks and any kind of blocks will do.  He stacks ’em, clacks ’em, builds towers, knocks ’em down, anything you can imagine.  He’s only 2, but just now getting into Legos (much to his father’s complete delight) so I’m pretty stoked to join the Lego Club for FREE.  And when I do, I’ll get a 2 year subscription to Lego Club Jr Magazine for my son for FREE!  Sound good?  Click here.