Generation Fresh Garden Kit: Giveaway!

Help your kids learn to love the environment for free! Head over to We Are Fresh Kids and leave your mailing address in the comments (I don’t think they are public).  It’s just in time for Spring!

This Garden Kit has: non-GMO veggie seeds, an activity card for the kids along with a caregiver lesson plan supplement. It will also come with a journal so your young one can keep tabs on the growth of the plants!

Head here now, while supplies last!

FREE One Year Subscription to Family Circle Magazine!

I have three children under four and of the many, many challenges that come with raising children, one of the most difficult is coming up with ideas.  Ideas for meals, ideas for activities, ideas for how to handle certain situations, sometimes the execution of an idea is no where near as hard as coming up with idea in the first place.  Well, have yourself a year’s worth of ideas, why don’t you?  Click here and fill out the form you see for a FREE one year subscription to Family Circle.

FREE Kid’s Clinic at Lowe’s Build and Grow!

As a kid, one of my very favorite things was working with my father in his workshop.  The smell of sawdust will forever remind me him.  And there’s something magical about learning to build something with your very own kid hands.  Get your kids in on the fun at FREE Build and Grow Kid’s Clinics at your local Lowe’s!  Next Saturday, August 27th, register your kid for a morning spent building the Incredible Hulk!  Kids get a FREE apron, goggles, and a patch in addition to their FREE building project!  Click here to find your nearest Lowe’s, register your child, or for more information.

THREE FREE Lip Smackers Lip Balms!

You guys, OMG you guys, you have no idea how hard the little girl in me squealed when I saw this freebie.  When I was a kid, every single girl my age had a Dr Pepper Lip Smackers Lip Balm.  You just did.  Because it was so delicious, and so grown up and so fabulous!  If there had been a Smoochie Club back then, I would have been the very first in line to sign up.  Well, now there is and now you can and when you do, you’ll get THREE FREE Lip Smackers Lip Balms.  I highly recommend the Dr Pepper. 🙂 Click here for more information.