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I have three children under four and of the many, many challenges that come with raising children, one of the most difficult is coming up with ideas.  Ideas for meals, ideas for activities, ideas for how to handle certain situations, sometimes the execution of an idea is no where near as hard as coming up with idea in the first place.  Well, have yourself a year’s worth of ideas, why don’t you?  Click here and fill out the form you see for a FREE one year subscription to Family Circle.

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I gotta say, it’s not that I have a black thumb, it’s just that I have an army of children and I’m so busy keeping them alive, I forget about the one plant that we have.  He is a sturdy fellow, though, and when I do give him the attention he needs, he always comes bouncing back.  Maybe he could use a little vitalizing.  Does this sound familiar?  Or maybe your thumb is green, you’re just looking for a little extra boost for your plant loves?  Well, you can get yourself a FREE sample of all natural HB-101 vitalizer and see if that’s something you’d like to add to your regimen.  Click here and fill out the form to send away for a FREE sample.  Allow 10-14 business days!

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Okay, so the holidays are just around the corner.  I know, it doesn’t seem so right this very minute, but it’s almost Labor Day and I think you’ll recall from all the years in the past that once it’s Labor Day, it’s New Year’s Day… the end of the year just sort of collapses, doesn’t it?  Okay, so anyway, point is, holidays are coming.  If you’ve got someone on your list who is a Crown Royal drinker, then here is a great gift idea!  Get yourself a FREE custom label to fit onto the bottle you give as a gift!  Personalized booze.  A very merry thought, indeed!  Click here, must be 21.

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