FREE Sample Pack of Poise Panty Liners!

Well, I’m not sure when it’s appropriate to talk about panties and the things we hope they don’t absorb, but if this isn’t the place, then I either owe you an apology or maybe a cocktail we can dish over.  Well, in any event, if you are in the market for a panty liner (for whatever issue, we can talk about it if you want, but we don’t have to if you don’t want to) then try here.  Get yourself a FREE sample pack from Poise that includes a pretty little carry case.  Click here and select moderate or light leaks.  No judgies.  You just take care of you.

FREE Sample of Film Coated Advil!

I gotta say, I don’t know what makes this Advil different than other Advil.  But I also get the feeling that the answer is just a light dig away, I just don’t have the time for it this morning.  Maybe the film coating is much lighter than the regular coating of yore?  Maybe it’s designed to help the medicine work faster…thinner coating means the medicine hits your bloodstream sooner?  I don’t know.  But I do know that you can get a sample for FREE!  So you can do your own digging and discovering about this new product.  Click here!

TWO FREE Samples of Yogi Tea!

You know, I gotta say, in the grand scheme of things, there is nothing quite so soothing as a cup of tea.  I live in SW Florida now, so the occasions on which I crave a cup of tea are limited (it’s all iced tea down here, baby!) but boy when I lived in the Northeast, a cup of tea was like a hug you gave yourself.  No matter how cold your toes and nose are, with a cup of hot tea in your hands, you’re a new woman!  Well, you can send the gift of a nice cup of tea to a friend (or yourself!) with this freebie deal.  Click here, fill out the form and follow the directions you find there.  Get two FREE samples of Yogi Tea!

FREE Bottle of Mag07 Digestive System Cleanser!

And now, good people of Best Free Samples, I present a freebie deal that comes with required homework!  Hooray!  I always hesitate a bit when it comes to promoting FREE supplements and such.  Makes me nervous to think that you guys might put something in your body without knowing anything about it just because it’s FREE.  But you are all fully grown, with it, happening people.  Surely you know that any boasting to be a digestive system cleanser probably needs a little background research first, right?  So, click here for the form to send away for the product, but do your old pal Xan a favor and do a little reading in the meantime, huh?  Stay healthy, friends!

FREE Sample of Whey Isolate Protein Drink!

Well, I took one look at this freebie and said out loud, “What the hell is whey isolate?” But then my friend who is staying with me this weekend said, “It’s a protein…like for shakes and drinks for when you work out.” So, with that one exchange, we firmly established who is the gym rat and who is the fridge rat. 🙂  If you’re looking for something new to shake up your work out diet regimen, maybe The Good Promise is what you’re looking for.  Give it a try by clicking here, filling out the form and following the directions from there.