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So, here’s an embarrassing but totally true story.  The other day, I was getting dressed and my toe got caught in the leg of my underwear and I went tumbling to the floor.  Got a pretty wicked rug burn, too.  And, because it was just to be that kind of day, I had no bandaids.  Well, I mean adhesive bandages. Don’t let the same happen to you!  Get yourself a FREE sample of Curad bandages by clicking here and filling out the form.  Or, you know, don’t trip in your own panties.


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Nothing can slow your roll quite like having your period.  If you don’t have the right supplies for the activity at hand, it’s hard to not to feel burdened by it.  So if you are the super active type and haven’t found the right product to keep up with you and your body, then give Playtex Sport a try.  Click here and fill out the form and receive a FREE sample pack of tampons, pads, and liners!