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Free Health Products

General Mills has launched a campaign called Live Better America and they are making it very easy to join.  Just by signing up for their newsletter, you are eligible to receive a full-sized sample of their products (cereal, granola bars, power bars, yogurt and more) every month for FREE!  Click here to register, read the fine print as always, and be well on your way to a living better.  Ah, yes, Cheerios do make everything better, don’t they? ;-)


Did you stuff yourself silly this Easter?  Is it time to revisit a weight loss program?  If not, good for you, on your merry way!  If so, maybe Sensa is the right Weight Loss System for you.  They’re willing to send you a sample for just the price of shipping to make it easy for you to find out!  As ever, be sure to read the fine print, and you should probably go ahead and run the plan by your doc while you’re at it!





I’ve only had heartburn a handful of times in my life, but I’ll tell you what… I sure did think I was having a heart episode of some kind.  It’s the pits!  If only I had had access to a FREE sample of Prilosec OTC, I could have gotten a taste of how it works and maybe avoided heartburn in the future.  Well, that day is here!  Click here and fill out the form, follow the directions, and of course read the fine print and be well on your way to being heartburn free today!


The folks at Sample Source have figured out how to make getting free stuff even more fun.  In three easy steps, you can look forward to a box full of samples being sent right to your door!  Only members have access to samples, click here to be taken to the registration page, click on the register button, and follow the instructions from there.  Free stuff made easy!


Preview of linkStop by the Zarbees Seasonal Relief Project website and visit the Free Sample tab to request a sample of their Seasonal Allergy Relief product. Its 100% drug free, natural safe and effective.

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