FREE Lanacane Product with Mail-in Rebate!

Keeping up with kids means keeping up with first aid.  Not a day goes by where there is a bump or bruise or a bug bite that needs attention.  And a Mama’s kiss isn’t always enough.  Well, Lanacane has you covered with their First Aid and Anti-Itch sprays.  And you can get it for FREE with their Try Me Free Rebate Mail In Offer.  Click here for the downloadable PDF form, carefully read the instructions and send away for your money back!





FREE Sample from Dove for the “One Shower Challenge!”

The folks at Dove think they’ve got what you’re looking for and so they are issuing at “One Shower Challenge!”  Click here, fill out the short form, read the instructions and the fine print as always, and they’ll send you a sample in the mail.  Is one shower really all it takes to make you a believer in Dove?  Document your experience using #OneShowerChallenge for a chance to “win.” (Win what?  I can’t tell from the page… let us know if you win!)



FREE “Happy Pack” of Personal Lubricants!

Let’s start the day off with some spice, shall we?  Nothing like a discussion of personal lubricants over your coffee to start your day off right, right? Also, I love that the products (called “Pink” for women and “Gun Oil” for men) come in a FREE sample pack called a “Happy Pack.”  Click here, fill out the short form and wait for happiness to arrive at your doorstep. 18+



FREE Transitions Trial Decals!

Maybe you’ve seen the commercials for Transitions lenses, the eyeglasses that darken in the bright light to automatically become sunglasses.  Or maybe you’ve seen them on a friend or a family member.  Have you wondered if it’s something you might want?  Well, wonder no more.  Try them out!  Click here to be taken to the free trial section of Transitions’ webpage.  Fill out some pertinent information and send away for a set of trial decals to stick right to your existing lenses.  And don’t worry about taking them off, it’s mess free!