FREE NeilMed Neti Pot!

Isn’t having a summer cold just the worst?  (I ask as I sniffle-sneeze-cough through the fourth day of mine!) Well, if the folks at NeilMed are to be believed, a Neti Pot can help with the worst of the nasal congestion that comes with a cold.  Just like their Facebook page and follow the instructions to receive your FREE neti pot in the mail.  (Read the fine print especially in regards to how to clean and care for your neti pot, okay friends?)  Here’s to good health!




FREE Sample of Oraline Toothpaste

The folks at Ideal Dentistry would like you to fill out a survey.  And to thank you for your time and participation, they’d like to send you a free sample of Oraline Mint toothpaste.  Not a bad deal for less than ten seconds of your time.  Click here, fill out the survey, read the fine print as always and free toothpaste will be on the way to brighten your day and your smile!





FREE Emergen-C Sample!

Nothing worse than a summer cold, am I right?  Well, you know that little scratch in your throat, or that dryness in your eyes, or that tickle in your nose that is the very first sign of a cold coming on?  That’s the time to take Emergen-C!  Get an extra boost of vitamin C to help fight off the summer cold blues.  Click here, fill out the short form, read the fine print, and await your free sample in the mail!



FREE MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil

Coffee?  Tea? Krill oil?  If Krill oil is your bag, then you are in luck because the folks at MegaRed are giving away FREE samples of their Omega-3 Krill oil.  Click here, fill out the short form as directed, read the fine print (especially important when it comes to things you put in your body!) and await your free sample in the mail!