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We’ve seen this deal before, but it’s available again, so we’re sharing it again!  You know and trust Always products to protect you from embarrassing period leaks and now they have a product specifically designed for bladder control issues as well.  So whether you suffer from incontinence or a loved one does, or you’re pregnant, or you’ve had a baby and you pee a little every time you sneeze (or cough, or laugh) then give these a try! Click here, fill out the short form and allow 6-8 weeks for delivery!


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Winter is coming!  No, this isn’t an ad for a new season of Game of Thrones, winter is actually coming!  And that means that your skin is gonna need some taking care of.  Take the pledge to take the best care of your skin that you can and Eucerin will send you a sample of their Professional Repair Lotion to get you started.  Click here, fill out the form, and be prepared for winter! Your skin will thank you for it.


FREE Template: Create Your Own Medical ID Card!

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  That’s the best advice you can get for handling the unimaginable.  If you need to be able to communicate critical medical information to an emergency worker, you should definitely have an ID bracelet or wallet card in the event that you are unable to communicate yourself.  With this FREE template (click here) you can create your own wallet card with emergency contacts, medication you may be taking, allergies, medical history and more.  Prepare for the worst so that you can busy your mind hoping for the best!