FREE Sample of Micellar Cleansing Water!

Well, I’m not really sure what “triple purified water” means, but apparently, that’s what makes this face cleanser so great for your skin.  See for yourself by clicking here and filling out the form and following the directions on the page.  You’ll get a FREE sample of Micellar Cleansing Water!  Then you can let the rest of us know what triple purified water is, or at least what it feels like!

FREE Sample of Nivea In Shower Body Lotion!

I don’t normally endorse any particular brand, and I’m not really endorsing Nivea per se, but I do LOVE an in shower body lotion.  It’s really the best because you get all the moisturizer of a lotion, but without having to get all lotion-y once you are clean and dry from the shower! Click here and send away for a FREE sample of Nivea’s version and see what I mean!


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Nothing is worst than tossing and turning all night, watching the hours and minutes click down toward your alarm.  “Okay, if I fall asleep NOW, I can get five hours of sleep.”  “Alright, if I can sleep starting now, I can still get four hours.”  The WORST!  Maybe it’s time to give Advil PM a try.  And what better way to try than for FREE?  Click here, fill out the form, and follow the instructions from here.  Zzzzzz…