Moms Meet Freebies – Nutritional Vegan Shakes

As a new mom, I’m constantly on the lookout for products that will help me keep my energy, sanity and most important, my nutrition on the right track. I have a family to look out for though so price is key. By joining Moms Meet, you will give yourself the opportunity to find many freebies and sample programs. The one that caught my eye is the VeganSmart all-in-one nutritional shakes… check Moms Meet out and get yourself some shakes!


Good Food Made Simple Breakfast Burrito Giveaway

Head on over to this page on Social Nature, hit Want it and follow the prompts for your chance to get a taste of the Good Food Made Simple Breakfast Burrito!

The description on their site has us all kinds of excited:

  • Six delicious varieties including:
    • Uncured Bacon
    • Uncured Canadian Bacon
    • and those pictured!
  • A great on-the-go breakfast, ready in just 2 minutes!
  • Made with antibiotic & hormone free meats and cage-free eggs
  • Packed with protein & organic veggies
  • Vegetarian options!

Get started here.

Back To Nature Cookies and Crackers – Free!

I am always in search of a new snack, but often hate spending money on something when I don’t know if I like it or not. That’s why whenever I see chances to get free food and drink, I jump at them! Here’s the latest giveaway- this time from Back to Nature. Head over there and give them a few minutes and little info to get started!


Free Power Crunch Protein Bar Samples!

You know you feel guilty every time you spend money on things that you want but don’t really need, right? Some may argue that protein bars are one of those items. However, with the New Year coming, it couldn’t hurt to stock up on snacks that will work in your healths favor right?

Head over to this site and fill out the form to qualify for your free power bar sample. It’s free so you can proceed guilt free! If you end up loving it, well- you can decide if that’s a good or bad thing for you and your wallet 😉