Try Hockey for FREE Day (2/20)

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to slap the puck around or if you’ve got a little gipper who has expressed interest in hockey, but you aren’t sure it’s something s/he is really going to like, here’s your change to give it a try for FREE!  For kids ages 4-9, 300 locations around the country are participating in the event on February 20, including limited equipment and supplies.  Click here, enter your zip code and find the nearest participating rink!


FREE Wildflower Guide!

Believe it or not, no matter how brutal the winter may be, spring will spring once more.  And when it does, it will bring the wildflowers!!  Get yourself ready to enjoy all the beauty of the season by sending away for a FREE wildflower guide!  Click here and fill out the form you see there.  Then all you have to do is get through winter.  That’s the hardest part!


FREE Water Test Strips from Morton Salt!

Do you have hard water?  Want a FREE way to find out if you need a water softener?  Morton’s salt has your back! Click here to fill out the form and send away for a FREE water test.  Word on the street says that when you submit the form, it’ll look like it just cleared the form, but you’ll find a notice at the bottom indicating an 8-10 week window for your item.