FREE “Feed a Bee” Wildflower Seed Packet!

The bees are in trouble.  And from everything that’s being said, if the bees are in trouble, then we are all in trouble.  Help save them by helping to feed them!  Click here to send away for a Feed A Bee wildflower seed packet.  There are instructions and tips for growing them and for other things you can do to help.  Even sharing the video you see on the page will help:  Bayer will plant wildflowers when you do!  Be a busy bee and help the busy bees!

FREE Jiffy Mix Recipe Book!

My mom adds a can of summer crisp corn to her Jiffy mix corn muffins and boy, I tell you, it makes just the most delicious dinner muffin.  Did you know that there’s a whole recipe book for your box of Jiffy mix?  Did you further know that you can get it for FREE?  Click here and fill out the form you see, reading and following the directions, and then wait for some delicious ideas to come wafting through the mailbox!

FREE Custom Plant Sign!

Do you have a beautiful garden?  Looking to step it up a bit?  How about some plant signs?  Let your company know what they’re looking at?  Dip your toe into the idea by sending away for a FREE custom plant sign!  Very important to read the directions on this one, as it is slightly more involved than the usual form.  But click here for the form and the directions and the start of your new fancily labeled garden!

FREE Gardener’s Idea Book!

Spring has sprung, y’all, and it’s glorious!  I wouldn’t have guessed it, but May is actually the most perfect month here in Southwest Florida.  (I continue to be grateful that I can enjoy the relief of the cool weather of spring instead of being desperate for the warm break like I was when I lived in Massachusetts.  There’s a lot I miss about New England.  The cold is not included.)  Anyway, might be time to start brainstorming ideas to bring that garden back to life.  Send away for this FREE guide and get yourself a book full of gardener’s ideas!

86 FREE Kindle Titles!

If you’re headed out on vacation, or you’re a commuter, or you’re an avid reader, or you just plain like FREE stuff, you gotta check out the lists of FREE Kindle edition titles that our friends over at put together from time to time.  There are just an ocean of titles to choose from, all downloadable for FREE!  Here is a list of 86 of them.  Double check the price at checkout as always, friend.  You know how Amazon can change things at a drop of a hat and without notice!