FREE Sample of Eraclea Skin Products!

My great grandmother used to call all of her skin creams her “jams and jellies.”  Little pots of cream and lotion, cleanser and toner, all with their own special feel and smell.  Maybe it’s that very thought that drives my love of skin product samples.  Whatever the reason, I’m always happy to try out a new skin product, especially if there is a FREE sample!  You too?  Well, get yourself a FREE sample of Eraclea Skin Care by clicking here and filling out the form you find there.

FREE Sample of Biotherm Aquapower!

I admit, I was going to make some snarky comment about this product and its vague name.  I was going to say something like, “For those of you who don’t care what the product actually is, just that it’s FREE” or “just what is the aqua powering, I wonder?”  But then I went and checked out the website and saw the dreamy David Beckham staring back at me, and my attitude changed.  Heck, even if I still didn’t know what the product was (it’s a line of men’s skin care products) I felt instantly better about it.  Well, if Becks uses it… 🙂  Click here, answer the three questions you’ll find in the center of the screen to send away for this FREE sample. If you start looking like David Beckham, oh man, please come back here and post some pics for us!

FREE Sample of Skintimate Shaving Gel!

I am the mother of a three year old son and nine month old twin daughters.  I am a very busy woman. Take a moment and imagine the state of my leg hair.  It’s atrocious.  But the great thing about totally neglecting shaving one’s legs is that when that day does come, with a fresh razor and the right shaving product, there is no smoother surface on earth, not Michelangelo’s marble nor my own baby girls’ sweet little bottoms.  Skintimate is the product I use which is the only reason why I can recommend it in particular.  Get yourself a FREE sample by clicking here and filling out the form you see there!

FREE Sample of L’Oreal Anti-Aging Cream!

Anti-aging stuff actually dumbfounds me (my mother informs me that this is because I am a snot-nosed punk who doesn’t know anything about anything) but it does seem like an endless parade of promises to keep you from aging when, really, ought we not embrace our aging?  I am told that there comes a time in our lives when we stop caring so much about what other people think of us.  But, then again, there’s always ourselves and what we think about ourselves is very important.  So I say if this cream makes you feel better about yourself, then you should have a truckload!  Start with a FREE sample!  Click here and then log in or register for a FREE account.