FREE Huggies Sample Pack!

Huggies wants to be your baby’s second hug!  (Yours is the first, of course.) Sign up for and receive coupons for products, access to tools and resources for new and experienced parents, learn about existing Huggies products and hear about new products, and get access to reviews and write reviews of your own.  And to thank you for joining, HUggies will send you a sample pack for FREE!  Click here to sign up and for additional information!



FREE New Parent Classes at Toys R Us!

Since having my son nearly two years ago, I have come to learn that there is really nothing you can do to be fully prepared for how topsy turvy your life becomes on the heels of bringing a little one into your family. But extra education is the best way to mitigate the “holy cow, what the $^%& is going on here??” feeling!  And Toys R Us offers lots of FREE educational classes such as breastfeeding, baby basics, infant CPR and more!  Click here for more information and to find a participating store near you.



FREE Huggies Sample Pack for Costco Members!

I’ve been to Costco twice in my life.  The first time, I was about a thousand months pregnant, wearing winter layers in the well heated warehouse and I nearly had a panic attack. The second time around, though, it was smooth sailing and I could concentrate on looking around instead of not throwing up in the tube socks department.  Are you a Costco member?  Then you are eligible to receive a FREE sample pack of Huggies products! Click here, read the instructions and the fine print, and allow 6-8 weeks for delivery!