GoodRX Free Phone Wallet

Gone are the days where you have an overflowing wallet as well as your smartphone in your pocket. Why carry both when you can opt for one? Take the time to sign up for the GoodRX Phone wallet and benefit from carrying your important medical cards etc. with your phone! Never be without the essentials!

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Skincare Samples: Take a Chance or pay $2!

This weeks dose of skincare samples comes with some reservation… however we wanted to share these finds anyway.

Visit SimpleCareProducts, fill out their form and you will have a chance at receiving some a face mask sample and/or other skincare products. It’s one of those things you may never see though- so proceed at your own risk/expectation.

If you’d prefer to know you will receive a sample of some kind- try Skincare Jungle instead. For $2 to cover shipping you will get yourself 3 skincare product samples! It’s not “free” but so much cheaper than trying a full blown unknown product!