FREE Downloadable Movies!

Ooh, now this is a freebie custom made for me!  I am a huge fan of movies, so I am all about downloading HD movies for FREE!  Amazon has the following titles available for FREE download:  Man of Fire (Denzel, delicious as always), Roll Bounce (delightful), Soul Food (haven’t seen it, but sounds fulfilling!) and Men of Honor (which I haven’t seen and know nothing about.)  Anyway, click here for the compiled list from our friends at, then click the links.  Be sure the price still says, “$0.00″… you know how Amazon changes things in a moment.


Try Hockey for FREE Day (2/20)

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to slap the puck around or if you’ve got a little gipper who has expressed interest in hockey, but you aren’t sure it’s something s/he is really going to like, here’s your change to give it a try for FREE!  For kids ages 4-9, 300 locations around the country are participating in the event on February 20, including limited equipment and supplies.  Click here, enter your zip code and find the nearest participating rink!


FREE Sample of Luseta Beauty Products!

Do you love to experience  salon quality hair care right in the comfort of your own home? Sometimes just changing up your shampoo and conditioner can jumpstart your locks. But change it up with “salon quality” samples, and you may be in for quite the head of hair!  See for yourself.  Send away for a FREE sample of Luseta Beauty shampoo and conditioner.  Click here, fill out the form and follow the directions from there.