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Everthing Else

There are a few things we can never have enough of and one of those things is t-shirts, am I right?  Whether it’s a new one to wear out, or sleep in, or do housework in, it’s awfully hard to turn down a free t-shirt.  Well, here’s one just for becoming a member of Qart.com!  Just register here and then select your free gift!  T-shirts not for you?  Then select from a wide variety of art posters!  Read the fine print, as always freebie-finders!



Nothing better than free money when you’re in the mood to shop, am I right?  By filling out this form (and reading the fine print carefully) you’re well on your way to having a little extra to spend at Kohl’s.



Just in time for Star Wars Day (May the 4th) participating Toys R Us stores are holding a free event for kids 5 and up!  On Saturday, May 3 between 12-2, head to your nearest participating store so your little Padawan can build her very own  Lego Star Wars Starfighter! For more information, click here!


Did you stuff yourself silly this Easter?  Is it time to revisit a weight loss program?  If not, good for you, on your merry way!  If so, maybe Sensa is the right Weight Loss System for you.  They’re willing to send you a sample for just the price of shipping to make it easy for you to find out!  As ever, be sure to read the fine print, and you should probably go ahead and run the plan by your doc while you’re at it!





Ever get a song just unshakably stuck in your head?  Even what was once a song you totally loved can turn into a nightmare if you just can’t get that snappy tune out of your head!  Well, get a new song and banish that one -note pony to the pasture. Click here and enter your email address for a change to download a free song!  As always, be sure to read the fine print, friends!