FREE Huggies Sample Pack for Costco Members!

I’ve been to Costco twice in my life.  The first time, I was about a thousand months pregnant, wearing winter layers in the well heated warehouse and I nearly had a panic attack. The second time around, though, it was smooth sailing and I could concentrate on looking around instead of not throwing up in the tube socks department.  Are you a Costco member?  Then you are eligible to receive a FREE sample pack of Huggies products! Click here, read the instructions and the fine print, and allow 6-8 weeks for delivery!

FREE 2 Year Subscription to Lego Club Magazine!

My boy is 19 months old and blocks are about his favorite thing in the world.  My husband is 36 years old and he cannot wait for our son to be old enough for Legos!  So when the time comes, we will definitely be Lego Club Magazine subscribers!  You don’t have to wait, though, you can get a 2 year subscription for FREE!  Click here and follow the instructions.



FREE Child Safety Kit!

Boy, it sure does seem that world gets to be a scarier and scarier place by the day, doesn’t it? My mother assures me that every generation has different terrifying things, and that the best we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  In that vein, the Polly Klaas organization has put together this FREE child safety kit to help teach your children how to stay safe in a dangerous world.

From their website:

Our free Child Safety Kit shows you how to teach your children:

  • Which strangers to ask for help when no trusted adults are available.
  • How to recognize dangerous situations.
  • How to respond to those dangerous situations correctly.

Also included in the 24 page Kit is special information on:

  • Special no-scare methods for each age group.
  • Recording your child’s fingerprints in the privacy of your home.
  • Sampling and storing your child’s DNA in your own home.

FREE Sample of a T-Shirt Quilt!

Well, this is a fantastic idea!  What to do with all those t-shirts you love but are taking up far too much space in your life, closet, and drawers?  How about sending them off to Too Cool T-Shirt Quilts and having them made into a quilt?!  Fantastic idea!  And in case you’re wondering how soft the quilt will be, you can send away for a FREE sample by clicking here.  The website is really fantastic, too.  Lots of information and answers to probable questions.  Fun!



FREE Print-A-Scent Sample!

Well, here’s another new one for me!  Did you know that you can have scents added to your printed material?  Say you have a pizza parlor and you want to make a splash in your advertising.  Well you can have your flyers or postcards or stickers or whatever PRINTED with the SCENT of pizza!  What will they think of next?  There are a lot of applications for this, so check them out and request a FREE sample by clicking here.