5 Lbs FREE Shredding at Staples!

In the world of cleaning and tidying, there is little as satisfying as shredding unwanted mail and credit card offers!  We have a shredding underneath the table where we toss our mail, so we shred as we go.  But if it’s gotten ahead of you, then take your shredding into Staples and with this coupon, you’ll get 5 pounds of it shredded for FREE! Lots of other coupons included as well.

FREE Sample Zing Stevia Sweetener!

Ah, the sweetener wars.  One day the pink stuff ruled supreme, now, if you listen to some, it’ll kill you just for looking at it.  There’s a new kid on the block, little Stevia and he’s popping up in lots of sweaters.  Give Zing a try and see if it’s the zero calorie sweetener for you.  Click here and fill out the form, and they’ll send you a FREE sample and a product coupon!