FREE Southern Marsh Stickers!

You know, before I got into the freebie game, I had no idea what kind of a market there was for stickers!  Now, as a kid, I was a sticker FIEND! My childhood mirror was full length and barely had a spot where I could see my own face, it was so covered in stickers….

FREE Sample of Whey Isolate Protein Drink!

Well, I took one look at this freebie and said out loud, “What the hell is whey isolate?” But then my friend who is staying with me this weekend said, “It’s a protein…like for shakes and drinks for when you work out.” So, with that one exchange, we firmly established who is the gym rat…

THREE FREE Lip Smackers Lip Balms!

You guys, OMG you guys, you have no idea how hard the little girl in me squealed when I saw this freebie.  When I was a kid, every single girl my age had a Dr Pepper Lip Smackers Lip Balm.  You just did.  Because it was so delicious, and so grown up and so fabulous!…

FREE Sample of Cottonelle CleanRipple Texture!

Oh, y’all.  Nothing makes me giggle like talking around an embarrassing subject matter.  So when I see a commercial that is basically saying, “Got Skid Marks?” I must admit, the clock turns back and I am a ten year old girl with the church giggles.  Well, if you do indeed have trouble with skid marks…

FREE Sample of Zing Zero Calorie Sweetener!

Hey there, calorie minders!  Looking for a new way to sweeten your coffee without adding calories?  Well, there’s a new game in town.  It’s called Zing!  Try it out for FREE by clicking here and sending away for a FREE sample!